UNICEF Universal Design Competition, Hong Kong:

We were very pleased to be a runner up in the prestigious UNICEF Universal Design Competition for an Inclusive Playground in Hong Kong.


The City of Play collaborated  with British Council ELEVATE fellows to produce an inspiring, unique landscape design and an associated narrative to be engaged with physically in the park and through a specially developed social media app.

A place-specific digital narrative has been created specifically for Tuen Mun, as a framework for the digital activities and ‘quests’ for the children. The narrative is loosely related to the Chinese Novel ‘Journey to the West’, and has been modified to target children of a variety of ages, genders and abilities. 

This non-linear narrative has been incorporated into the design to:

1. motivate children to engage in a range of collaborative or solo play

2. enable children to access information and create digital records

3. encourage play activities and social networks through the park

4. inspire repetitive visits to the park