Torrance PS Active Travel Hub

The aim of the brief was to design a bespoke cycle shelter for Torrance Primary School that conforms to all relevant legal and design standards and acts as focal point and motivator for active travel to school, as well as engage pupils and teachers in its design and manage the designs fabrication and installation. Our objective was to engage pupils in a process to develop their creativity and for them to participate in the design of their new Bicycle Shelter. Our challenge was, in a short space of time, to take children beyond their affective response and initial ideas to a design challenge and consciously engage them in an iterative, creative process of divergent thinking and critical analysis.


The output being a thorough exploration of a range of design ideas and a recognition among participants of the nature of a creative process. These outcomes informed the concept development of three design alternatives. Following approval from EDC officers and School Staff, these options were exhibited and subject to an open vote by all project stakeholders. The final design drew elements from each and incorporated a hibernaculum scooter rack with a gabion wall and sedum garden. A graphic was co-designed and applied to their chosen shelter to highlight Torrance Primary as a ‘Cycle-Friendly School!'


Torrance, Glasgow


Torrance Primary School






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