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1. a mischievous child.

“little tinkers, we were”


1. attempt to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory way.

“he spent hours tinkering with the car”


The City of Play's hugely successful initiative, Tinkertown, is a traditional Adventure Playground inspired pop-up event giving children and families the time, space and freedom to design, build and play as they like with real tools, pallets and scrap timber.

The open nature of Tinkertown offers children the opportunity to engage in a rarely experienced kind of play; it enables children to investigate their imagination and ideas, learn about risk (within a managed situation), build physical and social skills and produce a piece of work which is inhabitable, autonomous and of their own making.

Tinkertown is available to book for schools, events, festivals and more!

BOOKING ENQUIRIES (Quote "Tinkertown")

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