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The City of Play-The Amazing Loose Ship-Shipping Container

The Amazing Loose Ship

In 2017 Elmvale Primary School in Springburn, Glasgow, commissioned The City of Play to create a secure and exciting ‘Loose Parts Play’ store and outdoor classroom, and engage the early years children in it’s design. The school had recently began to embrace play-based learning and the education principles of early pedagogue Friedrich Fröbel - “play is the highest expression of human development in childhood for it alone is the free expression of what is in the child’s soul.”


We engaged the pupils throughout the design process; involving them in the design of an exterior mural and in the process of exploring potential names for their new resource, We opted to deliver a 20ft shipping container filled with loose parts and play resources to provide endless creative play opportunities within their playground.


Springburn, Glasgow


Elmvale Primary School





The City of Play-The Amazing Loose Ship-Brainstorm
The City of Play-The Amazing Loose Ship-Creating-Collage
The City of Play-The Amazing Loose Ship-Creativity-Collage-Child Engagement
The City of Play-The Amazing Loose Ship-Outdoor Play-Outdoor Activity
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