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Meet Our Team.

With a diverse range of skills and experiences ranging from Architecture to Graphic Design, Engineering to Illustration, our team is perfectly placed to provide a thoughtful response to any and all exciting new challenges.


Bobby Lee Bsc.(Hons)

Co-founder + General Manager

Bobby has a breadth of experience in project management including budgeting and client liaison, and excels at dissecting a project’s brief with a logical and practical approach. His dedication and vision have enabled The City of Play to become one of the most reputable names in the sector.

Mia McGregor MA, PG. Dip

Participatory Arts Manager + Project Assistant

Collaborative art practice is at the core of Mia's work. Inspiring young people, bringing people together within the arts to explore creativity, sharing experiences and giving young people a voice to art related projects is a passion of hers. She believes we all gain from working together to create an explosion of colour; creativity while being inclusive to all is the ethos she carries throughout projects. 


Gerry Reid PG. Dip

MetaMakers Innovation Lab Project Assistant

As a recent Architecture graduate, Gerry is passionate about the design of places and spaces for play within the city. She is keen to explore education and empowerment through creative engagement and play opportunities with children, young people and the wider community.

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