Meet Our Team.

With a diverse range of skills and experiences ranging from Architecture to Graphic Design, Engineering to Illustration, our team is perfectly placed to provide a thoughtful response to any and all exciting new challenges.

Grant Menzies M.Arch

Co-founder + Design Lead

Grant’s strengths lie in his in-depth knowledge of ‘play’, rapport with children and his creativity and engineering skill in design. He has an established reputation with an international network of creative and play-based practitioners.

The City of Play-Grant Menzies
The City of Play-Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee Bsc.(Hons)

Co-founder + General Manager

Bobby has a breadth of experience in project management including budgeting and client liaison, and excels at dissecting a project’s brief with a logical and practical approach. His dedication and vision have enabled The City of Play to become one of the most reputable names in the sector.

Sara Shu MA(Hons)

Graphic Designer + Project Assistant

The bold graphics and playful visuals 

from The City of Play are contributed by Sara, a Graphic Designer and graduate Landscape Architect. She is a strong believer in a participatory design approach for the conception of successful projects.

The City of Play-Sara Shu