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Volunteers Wanted! Doors Open Day

The City of Play is looking for keen individuals to assist at the ‘Mazing Memory Museum event for Glasgow Doors Open Day 2015.

The City of Play will create a temporary playful installation to engage families/children with their city through play; making lasting memories which are connected to a place.

A child friendly maze constructed entirely of straw bales will be set up with a themed creative workshop at its centre. The workshop within the ‘museum’ will encourage participants to design and decorate their own ceramic models where they can attach their own ‘oral histories’. The resultant ceramic vehicles will then form a mini transport museum like experience.

Details: Volunteers will be required to undertake the following duties;

  • To assist in the initial set-up of the straw bale maze

  • To provide public assistance

  • To assist in general onsite management, such as ensuring walkways clear of any debris

  • To assist in the dismantling of the straw bales once event has closed

  • Record and document the number of visitors to the event

  • Assist lead facilitators in their general duties

  • Assist participants whom are painting ceramic models

  • Understand the purpose of the event and explain what activities are available at the entrance to maze

  • Attract passersby to get involved in the activity

The volunteers will be required to be onsite Friday 18th September (9.00 am – 16.30 pm), Saturday 19th September (9.30 am – 16.30 pm) Sunday 20th September @ 09.30 am – 17.00 pm. Lunch will be provided each day. Volunteers will preferably hold up to date PVG checks (but not essential).

This is an opportunity to experience the following:

  • Experience a variety of roles involved within events organisation.

  • Contribute to a community event.

  • Working with families with children.

  • Engage the community with the history of their area.

Please note: Due to extremely limited resources these are NOT paid positions. Please feel free to get in contact if you are interested but cannot commit to all 3 days.

Please email directly with your CV and a short description why you would like to be involved in the ‘Mazing Memory Museum and Glasgow Doors Open Day.

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