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META \\ MAKERS innovation lab is a new education programme by The City of Play, designed to develop vital ‘Meta-Skills’ in Children and Young People by delivering an inclusive, novel, practical and primarily play - full approach to the exploration of Creative Processes, Design, Architecture, Engineering and Planning. META \\ MAKERS focuses on Innovation through developing Curiosity, Creativity, Sense-Making and Critical thinking, however all critical meta-skills are vital in the completion of the tasks and workshops!


In an age of rapid innovation, technological advances, climate change and societal challenges, we have been asking ourselves and those responsible for the education and welfare of children (everyone) ‘To survive and thrive in such an uncertain future what sort of skills should children learn? What environments and experiences must we give them access to in order to learn these skills?’

Skills Development Scotland has defined ‘Meta-skills’ as "timeless, higher order skills that create adaptive learners and promote success in whatever context the future brings. These are the skills that enable individuals to perform highly today; in a changed world of work they will be required by all of us."

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The City of Play-Meta Makers Innovation Lab-Meta Skills Chart
The City of Play-Meta Makers Innovation Lab
The City of Play-Meta Makers Innovation Lab
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