The Common Themes of our work are Engagement, Design, Building/Making and, of course, Play!


We co-produce environments with and for children and young people, while engaging all stakeholders throughout. We employ participatory processes for Children and Young People - engaging them in Planning and Design and/or supporting them to create their own interventions - empowering them as agents of change within their communities


"The City of Play" is an ideal: An aspiration in which our cities are inclusive, child-friendly,and engaging places of play.

The access and freedom to play a is right of every child (UNCRC Art. 31). Play is proven to reduce stress, improve mental and physical health, aid learning, foster community spirit, increase social and economic value, reduce anti-social behaviour and crime, and promote creativity and innovation. It is a biological, psychological and social necessity.

Far from frivolous, Play is vital in the healthy development of children, young people and society as a whole, and we believe that for a city to be truly healthy and functional it must provide an array of playful opportunities - and opportunities for all - and ensure that our civic spaces are inviting challenging and creatively engaging.


Founded in 2013 by Grant Menzies and Bobby Lee, The City of Play is a practice, rooted in Architecture and Urban design, focused on the needs and rights of children and young people in our built environment.

The icons ENGAGE, DESIGN, CREATE and PLAY are the four pillars of our work:

We work to promote and create environments and experiences which exemplify our ethos, and better engage children and young people in our built environment, planning and design.

We respect and seek the views and input of young people, as is their right (UNCRC Art. 12 & 13), implementing participatory planning, design and creative processes; empowering them as agents of change within their communities and instilling sense of appreciation and duty of care for the places in which we live and play.

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