Founded in 2013, The City of Play is a practice rooted in Architecture and Urban Design, focused on the needs and rights of children and young people in our built environment.

We work to promote and create environments and experiences which exemplify our ethos, and which better engage children and young people in our built environment, planning and design. 

We respect and seek the views and input of young people, as is their right, implementing participatory planning, design and creative processes; empowering them as agents of change within their communities and instilling a sense of appreciation and duty of care for the places in which we live and play. 

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We engage children, young people in the Planning, Design and creation of their environment - empowering them as agents of change within their communities.

Our Ethos.

The access and freedom to play is a right of every child.

"The City of Play" is an ideal: An aspiration in which our cities are inclusive, child-friendly and engaging places of play, 

What We Do.

Deliver Youth Engagement activities
Create playful, child-friendly environments
Apply our Play Ethos to:

Event Design






Play Equipment

Play Structures

Clients including:

Who We Work With.

Schools + Nurseries
Other Childcare + Education Centres
Health + Well-being Centres
Community + Youth Groups
Arts + Cultural Organisations or Events
Local Authorities + Government
NGOs + Charities
Planners, Designers + Contractors

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