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We co-produce environments  with you; engaging all stakeholders in discussions and dialogue throughout, employing creative, collaborative design activities, and often testing  ideas through affordable prototyping so that we might gain feedback and insight to develop our designs.

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We design playful and child-friendly ‘experiences’ by applying an ethos to architecture, landscapes, public art, events, workshops and activities, that promotes social, active, creative and playful interaction between people and places, and supports play-based learning, well-being and holistic development.

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We work closely with contractors to oversee all aspects of construction, however we often use our experience and resources to support children, young people and indeed all members of the community to create and BUILD their own structures, places and artworks - including entire playgrounds!

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Play is both the process and outcome of what we do. We aim to maximise the play-value  - or enjoyment and learning and development potential - supporting child-led and autonomous activity:  creative learning, independent movement and active travel; opportunities that are inclusive and accessible to all.